Friday, October 16, 2009

A day in the life

I promise I will update with some pics but I had to document this day:

It starts with the kids not getting up until 8:15 and it is, of course, my day to car-pool (we usually leave at 8:30). I let them eat half their breakfast and then pull them kicking and screaming out of their high chairs to change diapers and dress them. Have to pack a lunch for J&J in case we're out, organize the house for the cleaning ladies (which is a much harder task than it sounds) and load the spare car seat into the car. Not to mention the fact that I'm already miserable b/c the weather is in the 30's...rainy and cold and I didn't have time for coffee. Kids have no coat or shoes actually ON them because there was no time...but I did bring them.

Get Brooke to school and rush over to the library to meet Jared's EI teacher. Get J&J out of the car to find out that the library is CLOSED! Have to load them, um wrestle them, back into the car, screaming again to go to our new location- Barnes and Noble. Get them back to the train table and someone smells ripe. Take Jenna to the bathroom and change her. Get back out to Jared and Miss Merion to find that I need to go back to the bathroom with Jared. I break the tabs off of the clean diaper as I'm changing Jared and hope that no one poops because I realize that in my morning rush, I did not restock the diaper bag and need to use my last one.

Jared and I go back to the train table to find that Jenna has pooped AGAIN! At this point I have already spent 15 minutes in the smelly, dirty B&N bathroom and am hoping that I have a spare in the car. Out in the rain to the car in my too long pants that are now soaking on the bottom- damn short legs. Luckily, I have an extra diaper. Third trip to the bathroom...ok everyone is clean and smelling like roses!

EI session is over because our whole hour was spent actually getting to the location or in the bathroom and yet I'm ok with that b/c other than diaper changes I was picking up books that they kept throwing wildly off the shelves. Rush back home to meet Brooke's ride home to find that I can't go home yet b/c the cleaning ladies are still there and the floors are wet. So I take three miserable, tired kids out to lunch and grocery shopping! I am a glutton for punishment!

Along the way I find out that my dad is home with the flu (hmmm, swine?) and can't babysit so that I can get a much needed color/cut at the salon. Mike promises me he'll be home in time. I have my US weekly all ready!

4:05 I find out that Mike is an hour from home and I'm already 5 minutes late for my appt. PMSing and totally annoyed I go in to get the kiddos up from their nap to find that Jenna has taken her pants off, thrown her diaper over to Jared who seems utterly confused because taking his own diaper off has never occurred to him, and she has peed all over her freshly changed sheets and bunny-bear. No clean sheets. I have to ghetto-wrap a twin sized flat sheet around her crib mattress.

What a day.

I sit here now, hair appt rescheduled, kids in bed, apology sushi and wine, clean house...everything is OK!

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